unit 7 reflaction




8/ Feb-unit 7(phantom)

For this project I want to force on the phantom, the phantom is a perception in the absence of external stimulus, that has qualities of real perception, it could affect all Perceptual nerves. Hallucination can occur in any sensory modality-like visual, auditory sense, olfactory, gustatory, tactile, proprioceptive which is own feeling, sense of balance, nociceptive(sense of pain), and conceptive (timeline). How can we believe that we seeing now is the truth or not? And do you think you can control your mind ?- hypnosis

So I want to try on how phantom connect (effect) with another part of sense, and how it represent(relate) with people’s phycology emotion, and also I want to know when the hallucination happen, can that stimulate a new emotion? and how it relate to the perception.

 for example, some artist use the visual illusion to create piece of art like Georges Rousse

 , reflection of mirror, or water refraction, colour illusion art.


 -multiple personality


 when we feel or see hallucination, how do we know that is not real?


Text box

expressing distress


project review


In previous six units, l am able to commence primary & secondary research through artists and designers who inspired by similar issues or concerns as myself. Also learn the whole design process of creating work divide, through the research then have the concept to the final work.

Time management is something that I feel one of my little weak point, at that time I realised how important time management is. In two week project, I can spend more time on research, experimentation with new material, but if in one day project it will be totally different.

 I had no particular knowledge of any technical support. But after few months I learn how to use the 3D workshop in safety, also improved my making skill, I found out how interesting is making the 3d object in a different workshop like plastic, metal, plaster…the most interesting thing I learn is soldering,

 In this foundation, they are not just tough you how to make jewellery, and this course change my view of jewellery, jewellery can be anything locate on the body, not just accessories, it is something can transform the emotion.



I will do this by creating sensory experiences in my pieces. I believe all emotions come from the sensory system. Because we are alive, we can feel everything through the 7 senses, then it translates to emotion. Vision, touch, balance and proprioception are always part of our experience of jewellery, but not usually hearing, smell and taste. I am interested to see how these less-used senses can interact to create a new feeling.

I want make one piece something always change, which can let each person feel the work in different way, the concept won’t be the thing what I give this work, it will be how people feel the message from this work. I want the work to interact with different people in different ways.


16/feb(draf deadline)

2/23 exhitbtion

today I went to see the DO HO SUH's exhibition in the victoria miro, he is trying to experience a distinct emotional register, a sense of being in flux. crossing boundaries and moving between psychological states.




today i went to the wellcome collection to find some idea, and i saw the is a artist his work are force on the 5 senses that we have, it is quit interesting, he said 



Multiple personality disorder could be described as many souls existing in the same body. As I understand it, the different personalities are not usually aware of each other, although sometimes they can be.I am interested in investigating what kind of situation makes a person create a new personality. Also, depending on the situation, what kind of personality is someone likely to create? When someone has multiple personalities, do they become confused about which personality is the “real” one?

People create alternative personalities in response to terrible or traumatic events. The new self is a way to escape from a memory that is too painful.

This is an extreme example of how emotional experience can change how someone thinks. In this project, my aim is to create an experimental, wearable piece of jewellery that gives the wearer a suggestion of experiencing a different personality, by creating a new feeling (changing the way they feel). I want people to start thinking “Who am I?”


Project Concept & Description

                                I want to explore sensory experiences in my pieces. I believe all emotions come from the sensory system. Because we are alive, we can feel everything through the seven senses, then it vestibular translates to emotion. Vision, touch, balance and proprioception (which is let us know exactly where our body parts are, how we are positioned in space and to plan our movement) are always part of our experience of jewellery, but not usually smell, taste, . I am interested to see how these less-used senses can interact to create a new feeling.

       I want make a piece that always changes, with what each person feels in the work different ways, the concept won’t be the thing I give this work, it will be people feel in relation to this work. I want the work to interact with different people in different ways

       I wish to investigate how the senses can be distorted to create hallucinatory experience, to change perception to alter the physical and emotional reaction which respond to sensory overload and deprivation. Each person has an alternative interpretation of sensory stimulation and some experience disjointed reaction to the senses synesthesia. I hope the work questions the trust we have in our senses and explore the psychological, reactions we expect from sensory stimuli.






After I done some research, I'm moving on how did people face in different person, each person have independent character,

How do we face different people in a different situation?

At that time are we still us, or just try to fit with people, Integrate into society? What is real me? Sometimes we are get confused who am I? we are all continuing learning “be a human ” “be yourself”, but what is the definition of being a human? What is the definition of being yourself?

For example, when we meet a different person, sometimes we might use the different way to talk with them, we have the different face of our self.

I think DID is kind of escape from that terrible situation , so t they create a new character to help than face that. 





today I have a short talk with helmart, I am not sure which way should I go for my theme, at first I was force on the 5 sense and then I move on the D.I.D., but there are too many people doing this subject at the same time, so I move to the “Synesthesia”, but at the end I decide to go back to my original one. So I am going to force on the seven senses, usually we already know the five sense we have, which is sight, smell , taste , hearing and touch, and now we have the new two senses- ‘Vestibular and proprioception”.

Vestibular is about the balance we have, proprioception is about when we close out eyes we will know the position of our hand, and through this sense, we can know the feeling of the body like you touch something and you will know what is the texture. And after a talk with helmart he recommends me to force on the two new senses, it will be more interesting.

testing balance with open eyes


today I decide to make a piece which is connected with our balance, my idea comes from balance toys, it is a thing when you touch that it will continue shaking. So I design a piece which will move since you are walking, and it can show the balance more obviously. And the other piece is cover the eyes, I want people to feel unsure and scare when they wear this piece if they start lost the balance the whole view will start changing.


Today I have a short talk with helmart, because I am really unsure am I doing right or not, after we discuss I think I will move to limit the sensory and also through my piece people who wear this have the feeling of fear, at the same time I want to change people’s view, so I think I will design a piece which will cover the eyes and also up to the hand to let people need to care about the balance.


Today I and doing the experiment , i will close the eyes and stood with one foot then record the second, I want to feel what the difference of the balance t when people open the eyes or close the eyes, and I found it is quit easy to lose the balance when we close the eyes, so it mean we will feel unsafety without vision. So according to this, I will start development from this point.


Embedded media

Download IMG_5515.MOV [9.56MB]


-continue idea development

I don’t know why I have been really stock, I don’t really like what I have been done in the sketchbook, I feel my design have been narrow down, I try to start in different point , but still coming out the similar thing, I want to use the prism and the magnifier glass to change the view of the person who wear this piece and also let then to be scared of something might be full down, so they must really force on the balance.


1/mar-unit 7

I think because we have memory, we can remember what we done, but for the people who have DID, when they switch to other personality, they won’t have the memory what the other personality doing, but they probably can know each other from some mark, it remain me “switch the soul”



The reason of why I want to focus on the seven sense is because I think we got all the information through the sensory system, like learn talking eating , everything we can feel are all come from the sense that we have, when we eat something we can know what is the taste and what is the texture, what is the smell? And when we touch hearing something, we learn and know what is that, so I think if one day we don’t have any senses, we won’t a human anymore, we are dead. I thing because we can feel, we can talk and move, we can interactive with a different thing, and all the thing we got will translate to become the emotion that we continue to learn until the end of life, so all of this thing are composition to a human, to become you.

Because of we alive, we can feel so we are we, we creative our character to become us, we are the human. I want people to feel they are alive,

we need to continue External stimulus our self,


Got the information from the sensory system


Translate to the emotion


A gingival human.



14/mar(tutorail day)

Today I have a tutorial with Tamzin, she recommends me to make a glasses which have the connection with the body, and also I need to think more about the balance aspect. And can the piece be combined with the pendulum idea and the balance, She also suggest me start work in the workshop and develop the shape, also need to solve the mechanism problem.

The other important thing is, I need to do more workflow especially my reflection, at least three times a week. And maybe I need some English support, so I am planning to see paulin.

I am thinking force on the balance and the sight, I want people to feel differently about this piece, so I probably will make something around eyes to change their view and also let them know it we lost the balance, what will the world looks like. So it will be piece which is connected with the balance and the vision

21/mar-glove competition

My idea come from the movement of bubble, I think the bubble is such beautiful thing which can give people and kids happiness, but

In the other side, the bubble is such fragile thing, it can’t stay forever, it represents in our life. Life is short and weak but also can be really colourful and exciting, so I want to catch the movement of the bubble to show people should be enjoyed and treasure every movement.

People who are wearing this will feel a bit weight, is because I want to let them feel they are still alive because we are alive so we can feel we can touch.

For this gloves, I will use the transparent acrylic to heat and model it, and all the fingers can move as usual.

white club

today I went to the white club, to see the 'The Crystal Land’, an exhibition by Josiah McElheny, the show are really interesting, I really love using the mirror to reflective the world. and at the end of the show ,I love the end of the sculpture, the name is called  'models of the world', it is the installation sets out to describe the world, the universe and the multiverse as a set of infinite, individual possibilities and interpretations.



today is a model making day, in the morning we are starting from the feet piece then move to the handpiece and up to the shoulder, but actually at that time I don’t have any idea about what I am going to make for unit 7, and I feel a bit stress up because I think I’m too slow and also I didn’t do much idea development… so I think I need to work harder and push myself more…


11 /march

I’m thinking maybe make something which can change people’s view and also connect with the balance, and the other one is the connection between the sight and the smell, I want to question people can they 100 percent trust their self or not.


I am making a new model which is about the balance, this is just testing model, I want to make sure did my design work or not. But after I finish I found out there are few problem

-it can’t move very well still a bit stuck, ideally, it should be the move when people start the walk or have some movement, but it didn’t I need to push first then it can start moving.

-I haven’t designed the head part, so on the top, I think it will have something cover the eyes, and in an oppsit way, it will have something like level gauge, to balance this piece.

-wearing position, I need to rethink about where should I put my jewellery. Should I wear on the hand and cover to eyes, or from the eyes up to head and make a piece higher.

-this piece didn’t let people have any feeling, this is the main problem, people who wear this piece should have some feeling rather than just wear it, so I need to think about the position too.

Download IMG_5583.mov [1.43MB]


Today is our smell exhibition day, we can see all 3DDA students' work. I found out each area the working style are so different, especially in the sketchbook, the process are similar but there are work more organized, for example, they need to think more about does this product really make people more convenience, something like this also same as ASD , so I feel they need to care more thing. But in JEFA I feel we are freer.

It is really interesting to know what other people doing, some people’s theme is so interesting, I really want to see what will it be in the final work.

 There are few people I can’t really understand what they want to says, maybe need to discuss more clearly, for example, there is a theme about 3c something, and he uses a lot of glossary vocabulary for technology, and he didn’t put much description with his design, so I wondering what is this.

I need to think about did my concept description make sense or not, also is it easy to understand or not, otherwise, people won’t understand without speaking. And I realise I need to develop my concept deeper, I feel my concept is too shallow. Also, I need to do more research, my research is not enough because at the beginning I was forced in other area and then I change and change, so is not really deep I think.


I am trying cutting the prism in the different ankle to see how will it reflect, I need to think how to change the people's view of using the prism. and the other idea I am thinking to make kind glasses half is made from the prism and magnifier glasses and the other half will be made with the glass full with the water




today I got a new design, the structure will locate on the shoulder and up to the head, the shape will look like few unperfect circle to surrounding on the body, I want to make it look like unbalance round. And the reason of why I choose to use round and round is because I feel each sense are connecting with each other, and it effect each other.(strange, here need to change a bit)

I want to use some material which looks strong but also to be fragile, so I am thinking to use the porcelain or ceramics.


today I decide to go back with my original idea, I am using the prism and the magnifier glass to change people’ view, and also I am force on the balance, so it will separate  into two part, one is the glasses part and the other part will be a high piece with kind of like the balance device. but in the morning was trying to make the balance device on the head with the metal , but don't know why , it doesn't work as aspect, iso I think if have chanceI should be careful about this part . in the afternoon, I  went to the plastic workshop to cut the prism and join with the magnifier glass... however, after the workshop I feel I need to rethink about my final piece, I know now i don't have too much time, but stillIfeel this is not what I really want to make and suitable for my concept. so I have been talking with Mizuki and Cecilia about my problem, I got the nice feedback, and also I start thinking did I  really need to make a glasses or not ?! hen they give me lot of good advice, I got a few nice idea after talk to them, like putting weight by ownself ...




today in the morning I am trying to make the , i was really struggled with 'BALANCE', I feel I have been narrow down with  making something high piece and also with the glasses. 


 At first, I want to make the separart extra piece, which is about the proprioception, people need to add the extra piece by their self, and the body need to balance. And in the morning I have a short talk with tazmize, she recommends me keep the shape imple, because the back part already has a lot of curves. So is better to keep it simple. And also she recommends me to make a smell like planet things, put the liquid can show the balance more visible.


Reflective review


At first, I am researching about the sensory system, and then I try to narrow down the reason of the hallucination happen, and what will it affect people. After research about the hallucination I gradually move on to the different mental illness, because I am interested in if a lot of personalities live in the same body, how can each personality know there are real or not. so I move to the D.I.D , I am really interesting in how can people identify their self, but actually I am not really sure should I continuing force on the DID or not, because my starting point was our sensory system, I want people to experience a new senses, so at the end I go back to force on the new 7 senses that we have. I thing I spend to much time on making a decision, at the beginning, I just know I want to force on the sensory system, and I want to interactive with people, but I am not sure which way I really want to force. So I feel I change my subject again and again.



In the morning I have a short talk with helmart, I tell him I change my design again, and I am thinking to use the porcelain or ceramics. The main concept is I want people to experience balance and scare.

He recommends me use the wire to make the structure first, and then test the glass wax, try to casting the structure by the glass wax, or cover the wire by the glass wax.

After I finish the basic structure, I don’t know why I don’t really like this work, I feel this work didn’t 100 percent fit with my concept, it can’t present what I really want people to feel, I don’t think this is what I really want to make, but there is no time for changing and changing, but I feel this is boring, so I will rethink the design.

And I try to casting with the glass wax, I use the silicon to make a test piece first then I put the glass wax inside, and the other half I use to put the wire inside, other if just only the glass wax will be too fragile.

But!!!when I take off the glass wax I don’t know why it is so sticky and I wait for one night, but it still super sticky…

at the  end, i found the problem might because the silicon, glasses wax won't stick with silicon but will melt a bit on the surface so that the reason of why it become so sticky and can't dry.

IMG_6149 2.JPG




after yesterday talked with Mizuki and cilia, I decide to rethink about what my concept is, and go back to the beginning point. so when I doing the idea development I feel freer because I think I was too early to think what I want to make, and what will the material, so like this kind of thing narrow me down affect me almost coming out the similar design. so I start thinking how did people balance their self, and also how did the proprioception work. So I start at which part human can’t see without any help, so I found is our back of the neck. We can’t really see that part only can feel it, outcomes I decide to locate on the outcome will be around on the back then make it high, and people can design how high they want to add. When they wear this piece they need to add the extra piece on the back without watching, and also need to be careful about the balance.




today is the last day can use the workshop, I think I won’t finish my final piece nicely, and I have tried using the glass wax to make the top plant, at the beginning it is sussed ul , but the surface with the silicon are so sticky, so I try with to put the glass wax in double side, but the problem is it will melt very soon, so I can make a perfect shape with glass wax, and it really sticky. The bad thing happen today forms the middle to the top have broken,

so it cost me too much time to let it recover, and also to make the plaster become smooth it really takes the time to make it smooth.



In this project, I looked at the seven senses, and after the research, I focussed on two new senses that we have. One is vestibular, which is about balance, and the other one is proprioception. These senses are very important as it let us know exactly where our body part is, and how we are positioned in space. My concept is about letting people be afraid of losing one of these senses because if we lose them, we will no longer be able to feel, remote and connect. I think my final piece is partially successful. It is a neck piece which is made from plaster and the glass wax. I choose this material is because it needs to be fragile and heavy and people who wear this need to use the two senses and their body to balance this piece without watching themselves. I wanted my final outcome to be playful, interacting with people and let people experiment new feeling, and also change the audience's view. It is a piece which locates on the back of the head. I had wanted my piece to separate in two part which is glass piece and head piece. The material I thought of using is the prism

and glasses which can distort the lights and images that we see. I planned to use cut magnifying glass and dispersive prism to alter the view of the outside world of my audience.

When I doing the research I think the most helpful part is when I stood on one leg to balance two balls full of water, then recorded the movement. I found it is more difficult to keep balance when I close the eyes. So according to this, it helps me started the

development of a piece which we can’t see or change the view.

I choose the plaster to make my final model, but I think this decision causes a few problems. First of all, plaster is too fragile and easy to have cracks. Secondly, it’s too difficult to make it shining and smooth. The last one is plaster are really difficult to make free-form curves, and it will be really rugged. So I learned that choosing the right material is really important and if I want to make something with a lot of curves I should try other materials, but not plaster.

However, I ran out of time for making. The problem was that I spend too much time trying to make a decision on the final design and the proposal. I should pick few designs first then development them deeper. So if I have a chance I will development the balance model further, and experiment more on the different way of balancing and proprioception, not just suddenly jump to a new idea. I will definitely adjust my final outcome. If I start my project again I would make a decision faster, and not change idea again and again. I would also research deeper on how seven

sense affects each other, and experiment more with creating different feeling throughout the piece. I think I should do more research on the proprioception, and experiment on the two new sense, by doing so, I think it will improve my final outcome.



today I am making the structure of the final piece, I am making a free curve which is located on the back to the neck, the reason of why I choose here is because we can't see out back, people who will wear this piece need to care for about their body balance




4/20((photo shoot)

today I feel so bad and stressful, I am so regarded I should decide the design early and should go for each idea further and development more, I shouldn't jump one idea then jump to the other again and again.  I feel my piece is terrible , seriously horrible. But because of this time, I learn a lot the first thing what I should never do it again keeps change my idea when the project getting longer, i feel I want to make better things, and also I can't find the design what I really want to make, so I spend too much time on making decision and idea development. and also the material what I choose might be a mistake too. no!! I thing is all because of the design I make. but at least I know next time I definitely will be careful about the time management next time. 


today we need to do the banner text and choose the photo I choose this photo is because, in the photo, he looks really need to force on the body balance, the face and the body line can look he is trying hard. The other photo doesn’t look as hard as this one. Actually, I should ask the photographer took the photo on the back, not only the side, it’s a bit shame. I like the photo with the eyes looks to the camera, but that one doesn’t look trying hard so I didn’t pick that one.








Our five senses are fundamental to basic conscious human activity. But, have you ever thought of how it feels like to lose them? Without it, we will no longer be able to feel, emote and connect. On top of the 5 existing senses, I wish to evoke 2 more; balance and proprioception (the sense which lets us know where are body parts are without sight).

I wish to create a scenario of fright through my piece, which is made of plaster and glass wax. The fragility of these materials makes it essential for you to reach a state of balance with it, and with yourself. Stay connected, and get ready for fear.





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